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Google Chrome 76 beta makes it harder to use Flash, easier to dodge paywalls

Publishers aren’t going to be happy about this

Source: The Verge
New Hampshire installs first historical marker to honor computer programming

Honoring the creation of BASIC

Source: The Verge
Target checkouts hit by outage for a second day in a row ? TechCrunch

Another day, another Target checkout outage. Many took to social media to complain that checkouts at the retail giant went down for a second day in a row. Many stores were only taking cash a..

Source: TechCrunch
Qualcomm?s Dean Brenner explains 5G spectrum and the ?game changer? DSS

With spectrum a major topic in the 5G era, we spoke with Qualcomm senior VP of Spectrum Strategy and Technology Policy Dean Brenner on the challenges ahead.

Source: Venture Beat
Watch Adam Savage make a flying Iron Man suit in his new show, Savage Builds

The first episode is now available for free

Source: The Verge accuses Google of copying its song lyrics

Genius watermarked its content in a neat way: with apostrophes

Source: The Verge
Security lapse exposed a Chinese smart city surveillance system ? TechCrunch

Smart cities are designed to make life easier for their residents: better traffic management by clearing routes, making sure the public transport is running on time and having cameras keepin..

Source: TechCrunch
Millions of Venmo transactions scraped in warning over privacy settings ? TechCrunch

A computer science student has scraped seven million Venmo transactions to prove that users? public activity can still be easily obtained, a year after a privacy researcher downloaded hundre..

Source: TechCrunch
Google lets you create 3D games without coding knowledge

You and your friends can create games together in real time

Source: CNET
What happened to VR at E3 2019? A quiet showing for virtual things

In the year of the VR´s biggest hardware upgrade, the Oculus Quest, game companies were strangely silent in Los Angeles.

Source: CNET